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AARO publishes a quarterly newsletter containing detailed reports on all our events, information on important developments concerning our major issues (taxation, voting, citizenship, Social Security, Medicare, representation, census), features on various aspects of life overseas, notices of upcoming events, and lists of new members. The newsletter is mailed to all members and posted, with restricted access, on our website.

AARO also sends e-mail bulletins every two weeks that provide updates on our issues, late-breaking news that affects overseas Americans, helpful information, and notes on upcoming events. The bulletins are sent to all members with internet access.

AARO News (Recent Archives)

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AARO News November 2016

  • Annual General Meeting
  • AARO'€™s Town Hall
  • Good News for AARO Health Insurance

AARO News - May 2016

  • Preliminary Results for the AARO Member Survey
  • Social Security Changes in 2015
  • Overseas Americans Week - Report from Washington

AARO News - January 2016

  • Taxpayer Rights in an Age of Transparency
  • Changes to E.U.Inheritance Law
  • New IRS Power to Revoke Passports

AARO News - September 2015

  • Phyllis Michaux - Farewell to AARO Founder
  • Moving Up to 12th!
  • Changes to the FBAR Deadline

AARO News - April 2015

  • AARO Goes (back) to Washington
  • A First OAW
  • Update on the Americans Abroad Caucus

AARO News - January 2015

  • FBAR e-filing Survey
  • Social Security Seminar
  • U.S. Citizenship Abroad

AARO News - June 2014

  • OAW 2014
  • Are You Fatca Fodder?
  • FATCA U.S. Court Challenge

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