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Members of the Association of Americans Resident Overseas are U.S. citizens who reside throughout the world. The cross-border flow of capital, goods and people under the laws of the United States and the jurisdictions where we reside, as well as under the rules of bilateral and multilateral agreements, is of crucial importance to our members.

With a new U.S. government in 2017 certain to re-evaluate U.S. participation in multilateral agreements and agencies, the future of U.S. participation in the Asian Development Bank, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership, the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, and the World Trade Organization demand the utmost vigilance by overseas Americans.

AARO monitors cross-border business facilitation issues that impact our worldwide members who are executives and employees of American and multinational companies, as well as overseas-based American citizen entrepreneurs. AARO maintains an ongoing dialogue with U.S. government agencies and personnel with regard to business facilitation issues.

Together with other relevant stakeholders in and outside the United States such as trade associations, chambers of commerce and American citizen social organizations throughout the world, AARO is a leader in seeking positive reform when needed.

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