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The State Department informs us that there has been increasingly strong demand for U.S. passports in recent years. This is true everywhere, but in addition, nearly 10 years after implementation of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) and the associated surge of passport applications, U.S. Embassies in Europe specifically are preparing for an anticipated surge as those applicants renew their passports.

State encourages U.S. citizens to apply for or renew U.S. passports well ahead of planned travel, as they anticipate longer than average wait times for passport processing over the coming months. Current processing time for passport renewals is approximately three to four weeks. They expect that processing time may rise to six weeks or more as demand surges.

Increased demand for passports is projected to continue through 2018. Accordingly, the Department of State has committed additional resources and personnel to meet the expected record-breaking demand for passports, while also undertaking every effort to adjudicate passports as efficiently as possible in advance of planned travel.

Whether you are renewing a passport or applying for the first time, the passport application process can be completed without added stress if done ahead of time.

For detailed instructions on how to apply for your passport and schedule an appointment, visit your local embassy’s website.

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