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Taxpayer Advocate: Most Serious Problems & Recommendations

In her Annual Report to Congress for 2014, National Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson addresses certain issues (her "Most Serious Problems") and makes certain Legislative Recommendations specifically related to overseas taxpayers.

We need actively to support her recommendations that seek to alleviate both the loss of access to IRS service abroad and the excessive burden of our mandatory filing of a Foreign Bank Account Report (now using FinCEN Form 114).

Most Serious Problem #1 concerns IRS budgetary allocations that prevent it from providing the optimum service that could increase compliance.

Most Serious Problem #3 concerns the elimination of a functional geographic presence, with IRS employees understanding the needs and circumstances of a specific geographic economy.

Both of these issues relate directly to FAWCO’s concern with the closure of the last IRS offices abroad.

Most Serious Problem #7 once again charges that the IRS Voluntary Disclosure Programs violate taxpayers’ rights.

Most Serious Problem #15 concerns the delay in implementing and maximizing Virtual Service Delivery to enhance taxpayer services.

For the global community, now losing its last effective access to IRS support and services, VSD represents one of the best opportunities to assist overseas taxpayers.

In addition, Ms Olson makes specific recommendations that could vastly improve the situation for both US citizen and Non-Resident Alien taxpayers abroad:

Legislative Recommendation #3 calls for the development and implementation of Virtual Service Delivery.

Legislative Recommendation #6 addresses ways to reduce the burden of FBAR filing.

You can add your voice to hers!

Write to your legislators (Representatives can be found at and Senators at in support of one of these recommendations - remember that it is said that 1 email = 10 voters; 1 phone call = 50 voters; 1 letter = 100 voters!

The entire report can be accessed here.

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