Americans Helping Americans Abroad

AARO Delegation, Paul Atkinson, Fred Einbinder, Laura Snyder, and Doris Speer with FAWCO U.S. liaison Johanna Dishongh, went on their annual advocacy trip to Washington, D.C. the week of May 8, 2023. This year’s Overseas Americans Week, the first since Covid, was informative and productive, and involved more than 50 meetings with officials in the House and Senate, government agencies and institutions.

Photo 1 IMG 9231

Fred Einbinder, Doris Speer, Thomas Hicks of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, Laura Snyder

Photo 2 IMG 9222

Fred Einbinder, Congresswoman Stacey Plasket of the US Virgin Islands, Doris Speer

Johanna Dishongh, Fred Einbinder, Laura Snyder, Paul Atkinson, Doris Speer

Doris Speer, Congressman Danny Davis of Illinois, Fred Einbinder, and Senior Policy Advisor Dr. Caleb Gilchrist

AARO Team at the American Enterprise Institute: Laura Snyder, Fred Einbinder, Doris Speer, Paul Atkinson

Photo 6

Fred Einbinder, Doris Speer, Kimberly Furnish of the US State Department, Laura Snyder, Johanna Dishongh, Paul Atkinson