Americans Helping Americans Abroad

MSH INTERNATIONAL is a world leader in the design and management of international healthcare solutions with over 330,000 insured members across more than 194 countries and 2,000 corporate clients.

MSH INTERNATIONAL, a subsidiary of SIACI SAINT HONORE GROUP, specializes in offering international health care and death liability insurance for a wide variety of clients including individuals, small businesses, NGOs and multinational organizations. AARO’s plan falls under the individual classification, and AARO members join the plan as individuals.

Concentration on Medical Expertise

MSH concentrates on providing knowledgeable medical expertise, taking into account each applicant’s risk factors at the time of application to the plan. Once an individual is covered, they provide additional medical expertise including:

  • managing serious medical cases
  • helping the insured get second opinions
  • coordinating assistance in case medical evacuation is required.

Easy Access and Service for our Clients

With clients around the world, providing easy access anytime is a major focus for MSH. Clients can contact staff directly or use a variety of online resources. Throughout MSH is committed to a caring approach to healthcare and 24/7 availability to its clients.

  • service by a global organization with 4 regional head offices in Calgary, Paris, Dubai and Shanghai providing 24/7 coverage
  • a multinational team of60 nationalities speaking more than 40 languages
  • claims can be made online via the new MSH mobile app or the MSH secure area on the website
  • online access to records, finding health professionals and making appointments
  • in many instances, MSH can offer direct billing, so the insured member has no outlay