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Who Can Join?

Basically, to join the plan you must be a member in good standing of AARO, be in good health, and live outside the United States. There are no age limits.

Coverage may be obtained for dependents provided each dependent is listed on the application form and is accepted by the Insurer. Dependents need not be American citizens to be eligible for coverage, but they must be living with the AARO member as indicated below. Permitted dependents include:

  • spouse of Insured Member
  • unmarried children under 20 or children between 20 and 26 who are full-time students attending school regularly and who depend solely upon the Insured Member for financial support
  • unmarried children who are physically or mentally incapacitated and depend solely upon the Insured Member for financial support. Some documentation will be required.

Most applications to the plan are approved. However, AARO's carrier reserves the right to reject applicants receiving treatment for serious illness or a combination of illnesses which raise the applicant's risk profile.


Usually coverage begins on the first day of the month that follows acceptance by the Insurer for members and their dependents provided that the premiums have been paid. Coverage remains in effect as long as:

  • there is no interruption in payment of the premium
  • the Insured Member remains an AARO member in good standing. It is the responsibility of the Insured Member to maintain membership in AARO continuously.
  • the Insured Member continues to maintain his or her primary residence outside the United States

Coverage will be terminated if:

  • insurance premiums are not paid
  • the Insured Member moves permanently to the United States
  • the Individual Member is no longer a dues-paying member of AARO
  • the Insured Member makes a false declaration or claim

Pre-existing Conditions and Waiting Periods

Unless the Insurer imposes a specific restriction when accepting a member or his dependents into the plan, the Insurer will not refuse to reimburse treatment of pre-existing conditions, but will make use of a waiting-period procedure. More information on the waiting periods can be found in the AARO Group Medical Insurance Plan brochure.

Plan Cost 

An annual fee of €20 is charged per family for AARO's administrative costs associated with the insurance program. AARO does not receive any payments from either the carrier or its program administrator.

Annual premiums are listed in the pdfAnnual Premiums table which can be downloaded.

Ready to Sign Up?

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