Americans Helping Americans Abroad

Americans abroad have won two partial reprieves in the fight against the GLTI/Repatriation taxes and now comes the battle to exempt Americans living and working abroad from these taxes.

To that end, AARO member Monte Silver has a new email petition at Americans Abroad for Tax Fairness. It is a simple and efficient process that will take only a few moments to sign and send. As Mr. Silver says:

This petition is the platform for our effective activism. We successfully used a petition once, and now we simply duplicate what we did, one final time. When you sign the new petition, every single key senator and House representative, and their key staff members, will hear your voice, very loud and very clear.

AARO fully supports Monte Silver’s new initiative and will sign the petition on behalf of our organization.

And we encourage our members and all Americans abroad to join us by signing and sending this petition to our elected representatives and by following up with phone calls.