Americans Helping Americans Abroad

It’s hard to imagine that next year will be the 50-year anniversary of when the first email (as we know email today) was put into action, forever changing the course of the world. With much vigor, whether we realize it or not, human beings churn out correspondence electronically at an alarming rate for both work and pleasure, sometimes every day, sometimes every hour, so much that we tend to forget that the postal system actually still exists.

It was not until recently that I started to notice problems with certain mail and packages not arriving, or mail and parcels being held for unusual amounts of time or even being returned to the sender with no reason as to why. And then I started to read and hear about it in the news: the US Postal Service is under threat, and issues with mail delivery time are affected.

A legacy institution built by the hard work of Americans in the USA; the Postal Service is vital to Americans all over the world.

For instance, in addition to being a board member for AARO, I am also the Commander for Paris Post 1 of the American Legion. Our national headquarters issued a press release stating “Millions of our nations’ veterans depend on a strong US Postal Service for critical needs such as prescription refills. The Department of Veterans Affairs fills over half a million prescriptions each day through the Consolidated Mail Output Pharmacy system. The vast majority of these prescriptions are mailed to veterans through the USPS.”

In addition, the American Legion, which is also the world’s largest Veterans organization, believes that “the postal service often plays a pivotal role in the delivery of paperwork needed to process claims for veterans who have been disabled in the service of their country.” In 2016, the American Legion passed a resolution at their national convention imploring Congress to “address this issue impacting our nation’s veterans in an expedited manner so they can continue to receive the critical services they need during these difficult times.”

Even after several years, the threat against the USPS continues. Every American should speak out to preserve and protect this great institution, not only for our veterans, but for all Americans around the world who need the postal service to reach their loved ones, mail their tax documents when required, and most especially rock the vote in this upcoming election no matter where they choose to live.

Bryan Schell