Mary, Mary, quite contrary… How did your voting go?

Whether you’re happy with the results or not, you’re probably glad it’s over!

No more inbaskets full of cries for help and predictions of gloom, no more talking heads dissecting every piece of news…

But for our partner U.S. Vote Foundation (“parent” of OVF - Overseas Vote Foundation), the next phase is just beginning: launch and analysis of the OVF post-election survey which will tell us so much about who voted, from what country and in what state, and how smooth the process was from start to finish.

The totally confidential OVF survey will provide an extremely detailed picture of the population and the process, so that as we and our partners pursue our efforts to improve voting from overseas, we will know what still needs to be fixed.

Whether you voted or not, and whether it was easier than ever or just as complicated, please take a few minutes to complete the survey which will not only give us figures to take to Washington legislators but also point up problem areas.  And please do it today: the survey will be only open until mid-December!

Obviously, for a legislator, it’s numbers that count (just how many overseas voters are there in his/her district?), and for policymakers, concrete feedback on both successes and problems encountered is indispensable.

The OVF survey will take less than 10 minutes to complete - and those ten minutes could shave a few minutes off your voting process next time! 

And if you or your family/friends encountered specific problems in your voting district, please tell This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!  We’ll be back in Washington early in the new congressional term and will take any stories to the people who need to hear them… 

(Feel free to send others to this page and encourage them to complete the survey, too.  You cannot simply forward your link: once you have completed the survey yourself, your link will not work again.)

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